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Imagine opening the door to your home or work space and finding a comfortable, organized space that supports, improves and empowers your lifestyle! A well organized living/work space enables your success in work and relationships and gives you more time and energy to do the things you really enjoy. This result is my highest intention and priority for you in our exchange. As a professional organizer, I truly enjoy supporting the people I work for in the process of discovering the space they have, what is realistic to keep, and what must go in order to create an efficient and beautiful space. With twenty plus years in the field of personal service, I am well experienced working with people in a way that honors the individual. Everyone is unique, as is my approach with each person. Always, I give my service with lots of love and support, devoid of any judgement. When we meet for a free initial consultation I will listen to your needs, ask questions, strategist with you and offer customized solutions specific to you and your space. Once a mutual plan of action is decided, I will then offer the simple doable steps to create the efficient clear space you want and deserve. I will also offer a user friendly system to keep your space beautiful and uncluttered. Because taking the first step can sometimes seem daunting, we can begin in any area that you're comfortable with and forge ahead as results and confidence are established. No project or space is too small or too large. I offer practical solutions for downsizing, decluttering and organizing homes, garages and work spaces, as well as finding new homes for items to be donated, listing sellable items on ebay/craigslist, sorting and packing for re-locations, finding a place for everything, and transforming chaos into well designed, functional, Clear Space.

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(805) 420-2629

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